Abeer anti-smoking campaign 2017 launched

Mohammed Bajobair, regional director of MOH (private sector) Jeddah, and Indian Consul General Mohammed Noor Rahman Sheikh with the leadership of Abeer Medical Group, Khaled Almaeena, director; Alungal Mohammed, president; Saeed Sullamy, senior management consultant; and Dr Jemshith Ahmed, vice president (strategic planning), at the official launching ceremony of Abeer Anti-smoking Campaign 2017. — Courtesy photo

Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — There is a need for awareness initiates in healthcare sector, said Mohammed Bajobair, regional director of MOH - private sector, while stressing its relevance during the official launch of the anti-smoking campaign initiated by Abeer Medical Group at the Park Hyatt on Sunday.

In the inaugural speech, Bajobair, who was the guest of honor, added that voluntary endeavors taken by healthcare organizations like Abeer Medical Group are to be appreciated and given optimum promotion for generating a healthy living in the Kingdom. He spoke about the possible collaboration of the Ministry of Health to promote and support this noble cause.

The event was inaugurated by Indian Consul General Mohammed Noor Rahman Sheikh. Saudi Gazette is the official media partner of this campaign in connection with World No Tobacco Day which falls on May 31.

Sheikh expressed deep concern for the unhealthy habits like smoking which is gaining more prevalence in the youth and adolescents these days. Efforts to curtail tobacco users and enhance healthy lifestyle practices are the need of the hour, he stated.

He added that smoking incidence has to be cut down in order to lead the nation to health progress. The first social media material of Abeer Anti-smoking Campaign 2017 was posted on Facebook by Sheikh.

Alungal Mohammed, president of Abeer Medical Group, said pervading social awareness on the predictive and preventive aspects of medicine should be the fundamental mission of every healthcare organization.

‘‘Expanding awareness on the enhancement of healthy lifestyles intended for early prevention and treatment of diseases is a core mission of Abeer. We are proud to unveil this mass awareness campaign along the lines of the health perspectives of Saudi Vision 2030”, said Alungal.

Khaled Almaeena, veteran Saudi journalist who also director at Abeer Medical Group, mentioned that it should be felt as a core commitment by every individual to lead public-spirited visions. “Everyone in the society has to be on the forefront of such initiatives and live exemplary lives which will inspire others,”, Almaeena said.

Dr. Jemshith Ahmed, vice president of Abeer Medical Group, delivered a presentation on the dreadful and hazardous effect of smoking on common man’s life. He pointed out that more than 6 million deaths are occurring in the world every year due to smoking and that this unhealthy trend, if not curbed, will turn out to be a human destroyer.

Ramnarayan Iyer, executive editor of Saudi Gazette, felicitated Abeer Medical Group, on the occasion.

Ehab Sousa, an ex-smoker narrated on how his life underwent a positive change after he quit smoking. The event was attended by media officials, social media community members, bloggers, principals and management of prominent schools in Jeddah region, community leaders and other dignitaries.

Dr. Ahmed Ramadan and Noufal Niyas were awarded for being the Social Media Brand Ambassadors of Abeer in the event.