KSA striving to make Haj an easy spiritual journey: Khaled Al-Faisal

Prince Khaled Al Faisa
Prince Khaled Al Faisa

MUZDALIFAH -- Prince Khaled Al Faisal, adviser to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, emir of Makkah province and chairman of the Central Haj Committee announced here on Thursday night that the movement of pilgrims this Haj season from Arafat to Muzdalifah, was successfully accomplished, with tranquility and ease, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported Thursday night.

He said that the movement plan was carried out in record time via the Mashaer Train and shuttle transport system, which took place with no reported accident, at all, at all levels of security, traffic and health.

Earlier, Prince Khaled affirmed the keenness of the government of the Kingdom, since its founding to this day, to serve the pilgrims, provide them with all possible services, ensure their comfort and make this journey to the holy land an easy and comfortable one, until they return safely to their homeland.

In an interview with Saudi TV, Prince Khaled said: "This year witnessed a great effort and there was a thorough study of all previous experiences to facilitate this important journey of faith for all Muslims to this holy land.”

Prince Khaled added: “I believe that the success of the first day and the second day was great.”

“The pilgrims moved from Makkah to Mina yesterday. I went to Arafat this day very easily and all government agencies entrusted with the task of serving these holy lands for these blessed days did everything they could with all effort, honesty and loyalty,” he said.

The results were impressive, he stated, and all roads witnessed great progress. Praise be to Allah, he remarked, confirming that in Arafat, there is streamlined movement of the multitudes of pilgrims on all its streets.

He pointed out that many bodies and experts are working in the field on solving some simple observations and that all comments received from them will be checked to identify the problems and then work on solving them, recording them and taking advantage of them all, in order to contribute to the development of Haj and the services provided.

The Emir of Makkah commended the cooperation and coordination between various agencies and study of the needs, especially the immediate and urgent ones, he commented, adding that there are projects worth hundreds of millions (of Saudi riyals) being implemented in the fields of water, electricity, municipalities, transportation and other government services, in Makkah.

Prince Khaled stated that the Kingdom is striving to make the pilgrimage, eventually, a comfortable journey of faith, for all Muslims performing the holy rites.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Haj and Umrah Dr. Muhammad Benten said on Thursday that more than two million pilgrims have managed to ascend to Arafat easily, due to the combined efforts of an integrated system of government agencies and the private sector, Saudi Press Agency quoted him as saying in an interview to Saudi TV.

The minister praised the efforts of the security forces in the operation of more than 20,000 buses and similar private vehicles, pointing out that the Kingdom is making great efforts in the Haj before the arrival of pilgrims in the Kingdom. – SG