Nine women pilgrims deliver babies during the Haj

September 01, 2017
Staff at the Namira Hospital with the baby boy delivered by a Yemeni woman pilgrim. —Courtesy photo
Staff at the Namira Hospital with the baby boy delivered by a Yemeni woman pilgrim. —Courtesy photo

Saudi Gazette report

MINA — Nine women pilgrims of various nationalities have delivered babies during the Haj, according to the director of the Maternity and Child Hospital In Makkah, Dr. Anas Saddayo.

He said the well-equipped hospital has provided all the required facilities for the guests of God and is extending high-quality services of international standards to the pilgrims, visitors and residents.

An Algerian woman pilgrim, who gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital, said she was extremely happy to deliver her baby in the holiest place on earth.

"I came to do the pilgrimage alone but now I have a companion who is my baby girl," she said adding that her baby was issued with a birth certificate showing where she was born.

The Algerian woman said she was surrounded with care and consummate services the moment she entered the hospital until she delivered.

"My thanks are to the hospital management and staff and also to the Kingdom, the homeland of humanity for the utmost care I have received," she said.

A Yemeni woman pilgrim gave birth in Arafat. The pangs came to her while she was standing on Al-Rahma mountain and she was immediately rushed to Namira Hospital where she naturally delivered a baby boy.

A large number of the Yemeni men and women pilgrims were in the hospital to attend the delivery and congratulate the parents.

In 2015, a Moroccan woman pilgrim also gave birth while standing on Arafat.

September 01, 2017
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