Saudi women artists champion right to drive 

October 06, 2017
Mariam Nihal

Saudi Gazette

Whether cars have become every artist’s new muse or the historic move that allows women to drive has become their inspiration, the phenomenon has taken over female artists in the Kingdom. It is safe to say the trend has taken over art forms in the country and succeeded in transcending borders. This week Saudi Gazette got in touch with three more artists gearing up to take the wheel.

“I work on digital art technology and care about issues that surround my community. Women driving is one of those issues and I painted about it. The work in which the woman embraces the car is an old work, one that was withheld because of my demand for driving in the past,” Saudi artist Skna Hassan explained to Saudi Gazette.

“The work speaks for a specific vision for women leadership. It addresses a vision for women driving not just from the point of view of transport but the role that women should play in transforming thoughts, policies and systems in Saudi Arabia,” Saudi artist Fatimah AlNemer told Saudi Gazette.

“In my personal opinion woman’s right to drive is a must. Islam has guaranteed her right when it comes to inheritance and education along with other rights. We were living on a planet where women couldn’t drive, didn’t buy cars or vehicles for themselves and I hope it will be the beginning of a new era of balance and equality,” Saudi artist Ghadah Al Rabee, told Saudi Gazette. The entire artwork is made of candy and chocolate wrappers on wood.

October 06, 2017
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