Save time and get served easily with Serviis 

November 09, 2017

Rawan Abudawood

Serviis is the largest marketplace for local services. It’s your new way to have all your day-to-day projects, from home related projects (plumbing, painting, cleaning) to personal projects (wedding planning, fitness, photography), to events or business-related projects easily.

“What makes us different is that when you contact Serviis, you are not looking for just a professional but to get served. All you have to do is to tell us what you exactly need and it is our job to provide for you a list of professionals that you can choose from according to your need,” said Wafaa AlAshwali, the co-founder of Serviis.

When asked how customers can trust the provided professionals, she said: “When we provide you the list of professionals, you can easily check their history and people’s reviews.”

The platform was launched nearly a year ago. “Today, we succeeded in serving more than 1,000 customers and almost 2,700 professionals registered with us,” she added.

Serviis has a passionate, young, and tirelessly team that is working hard to have a great impact on people’s life, improving the quality, and the access to the wider range of services available on the Internet.

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November 09, 2017
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