We need to reduce pressure in the workplace


Al-Madinah Newspaper

The head of a municipal office in Al-Baha was recently shot and killed by an employee who then committed suicide by shooting himself. It was a heinous and painful crime, and took place inside a government office that is responsible for municipal affairs. How a situation like this could come to pass cannot be understood. Eyewitnesses said the killer and the victim were both of good character.

I worked in a government agency for a very long time. I can say, based on my experience, that the heads of department and directors as well as employees need to undergo courses that will help them get along with their staff better. This will help improve the work environment. These courses will help senior staff be more flexible with their subordinates.

Heads of department should not be too strict about complying with rules. It might be difficult for employees to stick to the rules all the time, especially in light of the pressures of life and work. Heads of department and directors should allow for some flexibility here and there.

A long time ago, I underwent some engineering training at an American company in the United States. I remember the day when the head of department invited me and other colleagues to have lunch with him. He brought some delicious cakes as well. He sat on a chair with his hands tied behind him and told us: “This is your chance to blow some steam and throw these cakes in my face so that you do not hold any grudges against me for when I shouted at you or did not treat you right.” Nobody threw the cakes at him and this was not because of fear but out of respect for his position and attitude.

We need initiatives that will help reduce pressure and remove grudges that work colleagues may hold against each other. Such initiatives will enhance harmony in the workplace.