Saudi Health and Beauty Show draws interest of Saudi women professionals and investors

December 04, 2017
Inaugural of the 4th Saudi Health and Beauty Show 2017
Inaugural of the 4th Saudi Health and Beauty Show 2017
Fatima Muhammad - Syeda Amtul

Saudi Gazette

— The grand 4th Saudi Health and Beauty Show 2017, a platform for professionals and experts in the health and beauty fields on local and international levels, kicked off Sunday (Dec. 3) at the Hilton Jeddah.

The three-day expo connects the top local and international exhibitors providing all information of health, beauty and wellness sector in Saudi Arabia.

Many local and international companies have joined the exhibitor’s list. It’s the first participation for South Africa, Greece and Brazil. Companies specialized in hair and skin from the US, Britain, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Korea, China, Thailand and Turkey, aside participations from GCC and Arab companies such as the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan, are present.

The show is the only gathering point in Saudi Arabia for health and beauty professionals and experts. The Show is expected to attract thousands of visitors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, saloon owners, hairdressers, make-up artists and buyers that are eagerly awaiting the annual event.

"We are delighted to host the exhibition for the fourth year in a row, which marks an important milestone for the company and its employees," said Mrs. Haya Sunaidi, General Manager/Owner of Sunaidi Expo, the organizer of the event that will wind up today (Dec. 5).

Mrs. Haya Sunaidi also pointed out to the Show’s economic importance with an annual expenditure per capita of about SR5,000. She added that the health and beauty market ,with over an 11% growth rate, is considered the highest growing sector in the Middle East.

Consul General of South Africa Shoayb Casoo said “we are one of the main exhibitors this year, and have the biggest pavilion in the show. We bring small and medium-size enterprises, these are mainly women, they have developed these products, they market these products and we are supporting them, it’s a part of women empowerment. It’s a good example, we are hoping they will have good contacts and partnerships with Saudi women since they involved women products and empowerment of women are very important for both countries.”

“We hope that by the next three to five years, these small companies will turn into big companies, they will grow and establish, we are looking forward for their empowerment,” he added.

Alongside the Suanidi Expo management and key sponsors, the opening ceremony was attended by health and beauty specialists and customers, especially women who are always looking for beauty, excellence and creative ideas.

Visitors are able to access products from more than 300 brands from over 20 countries. The companies showcase their latest innovations in hair and skin care, which are the biggest concern for women looking for elegance, freshness and youth.

The exhibition also serves as a platform for young Saudi women who want to be acquainted with the sector to pave the way for them to enter the labor market.

The Show also allows them to take advice from international and local experts, especially those of the Technical College for Girls in Jeddah, which offers training courses in professional makeup, cinematic makeup, nails and customer service.

Moreover, the exhibition ensures the exchange of business, which is very useful for reaching the goals of both investors and clients.

Show Manager Manna Aljabarti emphasized the importance of the presence of major distributors, manufacturers, investors, stakeholders and health and beauty professionals to register and participate in the exhibition and share their ideas and suggestions on how to enhance their cooperation with local and international companies.

Beauty Me Zone, the most important activity in the Show, sponsored by AS exclusive agent in the region, Al Taqdeer Modern Limited, hosts professional hair training sessions and professional offers. AS will be offering sophisticated products such as strong and lasting gold and caviar masks for skin care, aside first-of-a-kind hair treatment products.

December 04, 2017
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