How does our youth face work?


Al-Jazirah newspaper

MOST of the young people get surprised when they join work in companies or commissions because they’re not able to adapt the work environment and the required tasks for them, or not being able to sustain long working hours. Although the ministry of Labor and Social Development did many initiatives to qualify the young people, for example, “Tamheer” program did not give a quality service for beginner employee because the program is given online and starts after they get the job which loses its benefits and aim.

The ministry should guide the youth training and host them while they’re still students in universities, colleges, and technical institutes. The ministry should customize hours or days during the week or in the holidays, or after graduating, and emphasize their training in the field with the commitment to attending, departing, and disciplining. The training scores would be included in the academic record as elective hours with an impact in the GPA. Also, adding the training hours in the resume which would make the trainee more motivated and committed and ready to work.

I wish some of the TV shows that are interested in the youth and the treatment of unemployment to show some of the positive models for those young people and hosting some of the businessmen to polarize the youth and to sign for a job contract with them after graduating. This is would motivate others with a positive spirit. In the other hand, we should not support holidays and to show the joy of it like what is currently happening.

This matter is about the family, who should support their children to work instead of spoiling them and fulfill their demands. Schools and universities also have a big role in motivating students to work in professional and technical jobs, and to guide their interests and tendencies to the right path rather than saying “what would you like to be when you grow up?”

I’m saying that while I’m seeing my homeland youth are hesitating or lost in a job that doesn’t suit their abilities, or cannot fit with the job so they leave it, or the company or the institution dispense with them which increases the number of unemployed causes a depression for them and their families.