Saudi-born Palestinian starts initiative to thank Kingdom

December 16, 2017

Hanan Alnufaie

Saudi Gazette

RIYADH —Foremost of all political challenges facing the region is the Palestinian conflict and efforts by countries of the region to defend the Palestinian rights. The Kingdom has been on top of the list of countries that firmly stood by the Palestinians at all times and all levels, whether political, economical or humanitarian.

Jawhara Alshawish, a Palestinian woman born and brought up in the Kingdom, has launched an initiative called “Appreciate the Kingdom” to express the Palestinian people›s love, loyalty and gratitude to Saudi Arabia for its unwavering support to their cause in all circumstances.

The Saudis have taken a firm stance and adopted several measures to help the Palestinians achieve their legitimate rights, she said.

Saudi Gazette interviewed Alshawish to talk about her initiative.

“The idea came to me when I heard some unfounded rumors spread by certain ignorant people about the stance of the Kingdom toward the Palestinian cause, especially after (US President Donald Trump›s) recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That has pushed me to launch my initiative to emphatically state that we Palestinians love the Kingdom and appreciate every one of the infinite numbers of initiatives and steps taken by it throughout history. The Kingdom has always stood by our side supporting us politically, financially and on humanitarian levels,” she said.

She said, as a Palestinian, she considered the Kingdom her second home.

“I lived in the Kingdom since my birth and all Palestinians who live in this wonderful country share the same feeling. We never felt strangers or unwelcomed here. We will never forget how the Kingdom welcomed us with love, warmth and support when the Palestinians first came to Saudi Arabia as refugees 70 years ago,” Alshawish said.

Jawhara uses different platforms on social media to voice her feelings about Saudi Arabia.

“I use social media platforms and I get great feedback and support from Palestinians who live in the country. That showed our actual feeling toward the Kingdom and our genuine love and appreciation for it. What the Kingdom has been doing for us since the start of the conflict cannot be described in a few words. Many Palestinians have retweeted and participated in the hashtag,” she said.

Alshawish says she wants this initiative to reach every single Saudi.

“We want to thank the Kingdom, its wise leadership and the people for being with us and supporting us by all means,” she said.

December 16, 2017
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