SEHAI plays key role in boosting technical ties

December 19, 2017

RIYADH — To realize Vision 2030 is not only a matter for Saudi Arabia as Japan is also boosting the objective of building a thriving economy in the Kingdom through cooperating with human resources development at the Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI), one of technical and vocational institutes here.

SEHAI was established with the support of both the governments of Saudi Arabia and Japan and continues to train young Saudi technicians specializing in repair and maintenance of electronic devices and home appliances in Diriya since 2009.

With the cooperation from Saudi companies, mainly the distributors of Japanese electronics and home appliances as well as Japanese companies, students of SEHAI are recruited by the companies when they are accepted into the institute so that the jobs are guaranteed to them after graduation, which makes SEHAI different from the other vocational institutes in Saudi Arabia.

The institute is also getting technical support in terms of educational quality from Nippon Engineering College, Tokyo (NEEC), one of the leading technical and vocational schools in Japan, and JCCME, a non-profit organization supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

As part of technical support, Dec. 4-8, an intensive training was conducted for the educational manager of SEHAI, Dr. Eball Ahmed at NEEC in Japan.

During the training, the manager of SEHAI visited practical workshops and classes of NEEC and had the opportunity to deepen his understandings about the educational management system as well as strategic addresses to provide knowledge and skills regarding the cutting-edge technology of renewable energy.

The manager also discussed with some Saudi students studying in NEEC to understand their life in Japan and how the study in NEEC means to their career.

Qualified talents are the driver to move the economic development forward, and SEHAI, a symbolic icon of a strategic partnership between Saudi Arabia and Japan, will keep playing an important role in empowering the economy of Saudi Arabia by harnessing Saudi youth’s energy with continuous support provided by Japan. — SG

December 19, 2017
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