Italian mission organizes superb musical evening

January 31, 2018
Abdulaziz Hammad

Saudi Gazette

- The General Consulate of Italy in Jeddah conducted a unique piano recital by the professional

Italian maestro Christian Leotta enthralled the audience with a series of fine authentic classical melodies during a piano recital conducted by the Italian Consulate General at the Italian Cultural Center on Monday.

The piano recital was attended by the Italian Consul General Elisabetta Martini and several other distinguished dignitaries including Foreign Ministry officials, consuls general, diplomats, Italian Consulate staff and citizens, and business leaders.

Consul General Martini emphasized: “We are hosting maestro Christian Leotta in the framework of the initiatives of “Living the Italian Way” a series of initiatives to promote Italian culture and way of life.”

Martini said: “We wanted to have maestro Christian Leotta because he is one of the youngest and most talented pianist in the Europe, and we are very glad to have him here. He just came from a tour in Tokyo and now will perform also at the Italian Embassy in Riyadh. The maestro’s performance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi last year had proved to be a big success, and that’s why we wanted to bring him to Jeddah.”

British Consul General Barrie Peach, who enjoyed the evening immensely, said: “It was a fantastic evening. It was really good to hear classical music in Jeddah, I am very grateful to the Italian Consul for organizing such a lovely event. It was a pleasure to hear such a talented pianist in Jeddah.”

Martini, while asked for her reaction on the Kingdom’s decision to allow women to drive soon, noted: “I think it’s amazing for Saudi women to drive, unfortunately some of the people in the West underestimated the importance of this moment. Well this is the most important moment, in my opinion, for Saudi ladies, because the freedom of movement is so important to live your own life and to develop your own career, in addition, it is beneficial in family life in case of an emergency, so I think this is a historic moment. I am so glad to witness it.”

January 31, 2018
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