326 Yemeni terror suspects held in intelligence prisons

February 05, 2018

By Ibrahim Alawi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — There are 326 Yemenis terror suspects are currently being detained in the intelligence prisons. They are out of a total 5,345 suspects of whom as many as 4,439 are Saudis and eight of unknown nationalities.

According to informed sources, the most dangerous of the Yemenis is Abdul Rahman Faris Amir Al-Mari who was accused of forming terror cells in four Saudi cities in addition to Osama Ahed Mohammed Al-Rajhi and his brother and accomplice Mohammed who allegedly shot and killed a retired military officer in Abu Areesh in Jazan in February 2017.

The most dangerous Yemenis also included Ahmed Yasser Al-Kildi and Ammer Ali Mohammed who were caught before exploding two offices of the Ministry of Defense in Riyadh by explosive belts. The two were caught before reaching their target.

According to the sources, 159 Yemenis were nabbed and detained during the past 137 days.

There are 64 Egyptian detainees including suicide bomber Talha Hisham Mohammed Abdo who tried to explode a mosque in Al-Ahsa. When they were discovered, his partner exploded himself and the Egyptian terrorist sustained serious injuries of which he was treated at the hospital and later sent to prison.

Abdo came to the Kingdom to visit his father, Omar Abdo Abdul Hameed Al-Zughbi, who himself is detained for his alleged connection with the establishment of three terror cells in the Kingdom.

As many as 14 Egyptians were detained during the past 137 days bringing the total of the suspected Egyptians to 64.

The sources did not identify him but said the first Egyptian who was nabbed for his connections with Al-Qaeda has been in prison for more than 15 years.

Abdul Azeem Al-Tahir Abdullah was the most dangerous of the 23 Sudanese who are now being kept at the intelligence prisons. Two Sudanese suspects were nabbed about five months ago when they tried to explode Al-Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah.

The detainees and prisoners included: 215 Syrians, 89 Pakistanis, 20 Indians, nine Iranians, 16 Chadians, and one each from the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Qatar, Libya, Mauritania, Djibouti and France.

The detainees also included 17 Jordanians, five Americans, 14 Bahrainis, six Afghans, four Ethiopians, five Somalis and three Iraqis as well as four each from Turkey, Russia and Nigeria beside 18 from the Philippines and Palestine.

February 05, 2018
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