New speed limits for highways

February 19, 2018

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Public Security Agency will not apply the 140 speed limit to three main highways: Jeddah-Makkah Highway, Madinah-Alqassim Highway and Riyadh-Dammam Highway. The 140 speed limit will be applied to eight highways effective Monday 19 February 2018.

In a statement, the agency has urged drivers to abide by the speed limit and exercise all forms of caution when driving on highways, especially in bad weather. The statement also called upon drivers to protect their safety and that of road users, noting that any new changes in traffic rules and speed limits will be announced when and if they become effective.

Light-motor vehicles can travel at maximum speed of 140 km/h while buses at 100 km/h and trucks at 80 km/h.

Col. Sami Al-Shuwairekh, director of public relations at Public Security Agency, said the new speed limit signs have been put up on highways, calling upon drivers not to exceed the speed limit.

The eight highways are:

1- Riyadh-Taif Highway (west) – Exit (5) up to Exit (54)
2- Riyadh-Taif Highway (east) – Exit 54 up to Muzahimiya Checkpoint
3- Riyadh-Alqassim Highway (north) – Exit 6 up to Industrial Area 2 Bridge
4- Alqassim-Riyadh Highway (south) – Industrial Area 2 Bridge up to Exit (6)
5 – Makkah-Madinah Highway (north) – Bariman Bridge up to Exit (8)
6- Makkah-Madinah Highway (south) – Exit (8) up to Bariman Bridge
7- Madinah-Jeddah Highway (south) – Exit (8) up to Exit (35)
8- Jeddah-Madinah Highway (north) – Exit (35) to Exit (8)

February 19, 2018
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