Pakistani worker loses life over SR65 gas bill!

March 05, 2018

Irfan Mohammed

Saudi Gazette

— A loyal and hardworking Pakistani attendant at a fuel station in the Eastern Province lost his life for an unpaid bill worth SR65 only.

According to reports, the attendant died while chasing some fleeing youths who refused to pay after getting the gas filled in their vehicle.

The deceased, 26-year old Mohammed Shamrez, hailed from Gujarat in Pakistan. He worked as an attendant at a fuel station in Abqaiq governorate in the Eastern Province. After dispensing fuel worth SR65, Shamrez asked for the money from the motorists, according to sources.

The motorist, a 17-year old Saudi, and his friends including a GCC national, refused to pay the money after filling their tank and the worker climbed the backside of car, according to police spokesperson in the Eastern Province, Col. Ziad Al-Riqati.

During the tussle, the motorist started his car and the worker fell and sustained serious injuries, the spokesman added.

The driver and his friends in the vehicle sped away. However, police were able to arrest them and referred them to authorities concerned, police said.

Police said that all accused except one have been referred to the public prosecution and one who is 17-year minor was sent to juvenile home.

Shamrez succumbed to his injuries on Thursday, said Mohammed Niaz Munishi, prominent Pakistani community volunteer in the Eastern Province who is helping the bereaved family.

The injured worker suffered serious injuries in his head and was immediately rushed to a hospital in Dammam where he was declared brain-dead after failing to respond to treatment.

The family of Shamrez came forward to donate his organs to give someone a new lease of life in the Kingdom, said Munshi.

The dead body of the worker is being kept at a hospital in Dammam and officials are completing legal formalities, according to Munshi.

Most gas station attendants, especially those in the countryside, go through the trauma and stress each day with various types of behavior of some customers.

March 05, 2018
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