Saudization is not racism


Al-Madinah newspaper

IT is unfair that some people describe the process of Saudization and putting Saudi citizens first as racism. It is as if they are only looking at the issue from one side. However, the population in Saudi Arabia is increasing and young males and females, who make up 70 percent of the population, are in a serious need for jobs.

Saudi citizens do not want jobs to have fun or pass time, rather they need jobs to live and survive. They want jobs because they do not want to be poor but in order to support their families, get married, have children and support their own homes. As a result of the large number of expatriates who occupy a large number of jobs and the loopholes in employment that have not yet been fixed, many of these young males and females are unemployed.

If this were to happen in any other country, then no one would call it racism. This is the system followed in other countries, so why are we called racists when they are not?

I understand that expatriates have contributed to the advancement of our country. Honestly, I am forever grateful for the contributions of these expatriates, however, the citizens of countries should have priority in jobs over everybody else. Every expatriate is welcome, but citizens should be employed in the main.