Contemporary ballet show amazes audience

March 19, 2018

Abdulaziz Hammad

Saudi Gazette

— The Italian Business Group in collaboration with the Italian mission brought about a unique contemporary ballet show at the Italian Cultural Center here, on Sunday.

The ballet show highlighted Italian and Latin culture through dances that embodies extracts of love stories from Italian and Latin classical books.

The show was performed by dancers from Keyhole Dance Project, a company based in Italy, and was titled “Omnia Vincit Amor” (Love Will Always Win).

Italian Consul General Elisabetta Martini noted: ”We wanted to have the dancers here because now the entertainment industry is booming in Saudi Arabia and it is the industry we think that Italy can really support and partner with Saudi Arabia.”

Martini added: “We wanted to show how there are multifaceted sectors in the entertainment industry, but this is also the Italian way of doing entertainment with a cultural background and a lot of discipline. Our main goal is to enhance partnership between Italy and Saudi Arabia in terms of the entertainment industry.”

Alessandra Serafini from the Italian Business Group in Jeddah emphasized: “Our aim is to improve relations and improve business because we believe that when relations are good between people it is much easier to do business, we try to build a bridge between Saudi culture and Italian culture.”

A member of the audience, Faten Nasser expressed her happiness after the show and said: “I saw spectacular moves. It was amazing, I loved it, and it was very professional. I hope to see more modern ballet dances.”

Italian Business Group (IBG) is a private non-for-profit business association that operates under the aegis of the Italian Consulate General & JCCI in Jeddah.

IBG aims to foster trade activities between Italy and Saudi Arabia, bring together business opportunities and encourage mutual friendship and understanding.

The organization represents a platform for Italian and local entrepreneurs to exchange know-how, information and ideas and build a sense of community within a creative environment.

March 19, 2018
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