Mobily opens new outlets in several malls

Khaled Riad

RIYADH – Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) opened several outlets at mega malls around the Kingdom within its expansion plans to fulfill customers’ needs.

Khaled Riad, Chief Sales Officer, confirmed by saying, “we are seeking by opening several outlets around the Kingdom to fulfill our customers’ needs and to be closer to them where the malls that our outlets in have a high ratio of visitors.”

“We opened our outlets in central, eastern, western, and southern regions malls, and we provide through them sales services to post-paid and prepaid lines, FTTH sales, and smart devices sales. This comes in line with RISE strategy which aims to regain Mobily’s commercial strength in the Kingdom’s markets,” Khaled added.

Mobily recently revamped its post-paid and prepaid packages, and its data services with distinguished on-network and off-network local calls features, and that’s to provide the best services and offers to its customers around the Kingdom. — SG