Why do some people hate music?


Al-Riyadh newspaper

Music is part of people’s life everywhere. If someone comes along and says that music can be fatal to one’s heart, then this person knows nothing about music or what he is talking about. These are extremist thoughts. Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman have been exerting great efforts to put the country on the right path again and ensure that it remains there.

I do not really understand why some people hate music. Frankly speaking, I feel pity for them because they have missed out on enjoying the beauty of music. I believe they are victims of the Awakening Movement and must have been influenced by it. At the time, religious activists viewed everything as haraam or impermissible.

I also feel sorry for those who view music as haraam and do not listen to it fearing they would be committing a sin. I feel sorry for those who commit suicide in the name of jihad because they must have suffered a lot and deprived themselves of many permissible things. They could not accept and live up to the fact that they had been deprived of the joys of life and so they decided to leave this world forever. They deprived themselves of worldly joys because of a fatwa and left this world because of a fatwa.

Different people in the world have their own music and instruments for which they are famous. Even primitive tribes have simple musical instruments. History never mentions or talks about a people who deprived themselves of music except during the Awakening Movement. Music is part of a human being.

It is not wise to get into a debate with extremists over whether music is permissible. This would be a waste of time. Instead, we should work to reintegrate the victims of the Awakening Movement into society and help them cast away their extremist thoughts. We have to convince them to view life from a different perspective, a beautiful perspective.