IISJ, Abeer celebrate Guinness World Record

Euphoric moments of fantabulous achievement

April 16, 2018

Hassan Cheruppa

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Officials of Abeer Medical Group, a leading healthcare provider in the Middle East, joined 4,500 students of International Indian School Jeddah (IISJ) and their mentors in celebrating the fantabulous achievement of entering the Guinness Book of World Records by forming the world’s largest human mosaic.

In an air of euphoria and festivity, all the 4,500 students were honored with the presentation of individual certificates of participation at a colorful ceremony held at the IISJ Boy’s Section Auditorium on Sunday in the presence of Indian Consul General Md. Noor Rahman Sheikh, Deputy Consul General and School Observer Mohammed Shahid Alam and President of Abeer Medical Group Alungal Mohammed.

The students formed the largest picture mosaic on the World Diabetes Day on 14 Nov. 2017 as part of Abeer Group’s mass corporate social responsibility campaign against the health hazards of diabetes.

Unveiling of a commemorative plaque reminiscent of the record by the consul general lent color to the ceremony. Sheikh, the chief guest of the event, congratulated the entire team that worked tirelessly to turn a big dream into a great reality. “It is pretty well to see that IISJ has made this remarkable achievement with its old head boy at the helm as the vice president of Abeer Group in winning this matchless recognition. This shows that if you are ready to work hard, there is nothing that is impossible,” he said.

Commending the enthusiasm and dedication of the IISJ officials, teachers, and students, the consul general said: “I’m quite sure that no achievement will be left behind as long as you keep up this strong determination and great level of dedication with you.”

On his part, Abeer chief Alungal thanked the chairman and members of the school managing committee (MC), principal, vice principals, headmasters, teachers and other staffers as well as students and their parents for their big support to score this historic achievement. In his inspiring speech, Alungal said that the IISJ students have proven their high degree of patience and determination to make a seemingly impossible task really possible. He underscored the need for carrying out public health awareness initiatives vigorously, while stating that Abeer has already organized CSR campaigns on anti-smoking and diabetes. He specially mentioned the outstanding role of the IISJ Reporters’ Club in streamlining the events and activities in the school on the social and digital media. As a token of appreciation, he presented the club a high definition camera as a gift.

In his speech, MC Chairman Mohammed Asif Daudi shared the great experience of IISJ in tying up with Abeer Group in scoring this fabulous achievement. He thanked the entire team and students for their untiring efforts and big support to attain the world record.

Welcoming the gathering, Syed Masood Ahmed, principal of IISJ, noted that the euphoria and excitement has prevailed in the entire school all through these days since Nov. 14 when we made history, in joining hands with Abeer Group. “This was obvious in their impatient waiting for this memorable day to receive the honor for becoming part of setting a world record.”

Ahmed acknowledged the positive support and optimistic approach of the consul general and the school observer since the very conception of the idea of organizing the world record attempt. “They have always been a pillar of support, and their associations have no parallels,” the principal said while expressing his great delight over the great achievement.

“It is highly gratifying to see that the former head boy and one of the toppers of IISJ is behind this great accomplishment,” he said referring to Dr. Jemshith Ahmed, vice president of Abeer Group.

Explaining the laborious endeavor behind accomplishing the task, Dr. Jemshith said that it was the meticulous planning and flawless execution of the IISJ team that created the record. He thanked the MC members, teachers, parents and volunteers of IISJ and the media fraternity for their warm support in this achievement. “This is not just a world record. In fact, what we organized on the World Diabetes Day last year was the largest human gathering in the world to fight diabetes,” he said.

Dr. Jemshith spoke about the enhancement of lifestyle habits with which diabetes cases can be curtailed significantly. “About 70 percent of the diabetes occurrence could be checked in this way,” he added.

The dignitaries, including Sheikh, Shahid Alam, Alungal, Dr. Jemshith, Daudi and MC members, distributed certificates to students. A promissory note, signed by Abeer president, was formally handed over to the principal. The note was to honor the sponsoring by Abeer Group the academic expenses of 10 participant students in the Guinness World Record event for a period of one year on the basis of the school’s nomination, and for provision of health checkups for all the 4,500 student participants.

Headmaster Maria Das Arackal Thomas proposed the vote of thanks

April 16, 2018
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