Prisoners sentence cut in half and expats exempted from SR500K fines


Okaz/ Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Okaz learned that the competent authorities in the governorates of the regions and the Ministry of Justice through the courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office, and the Board of Grievances began to list those who will be eligible to receive the annual pardon in Ramadan.

The sources explained that the amnesty includes a cancelation of half the sentence in a number of crimes according to the classification specified in the amnesty rules, as well as classifications of time and criminal precedents and the end of the special right, which is a prerequisite for any prisoner to benefit from the amnesty.

The regulations also stipulate that the amnesty does not include disciplinary and alternative punishments and penalties not associated with imprisonment. The fines are not included in the amnesty. Saudi prisoners who are subject to the pardon provisions are immediately released and fined according to the procedures of the government revenue system.

As for foreign prisoners who completed their sentences or time or amnesty and whose release has been suspended, they are exempted from paying the fine. They are exempted for no more than SR 500,000, and those who have been sentenced to a fine more than that and have decided not to pay will be referred directly to the competent court to examine their inability to pay and treated according to the system of replacing the fine with imprisonment and then being deported.