9,000 electric carts, wheelchairs for pilgrims


Saudi Gazette report

— The Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has provided as many as 8,700 electric carts and wheelchairs free of charge in the Grand Mosque for the use of old, sick and disabled pilgrims to do their rituals in ease and comfort.

The presidency’s department of transport services is also closely monitoring the authorized wheelchair pushers to stop any exploitation and manipulation by them.

The department has as many as 209 regular and seasonal workers who work in shifts around the clock.

The carts are being distributed at various points covering all major roads leading to the Grand Mosque.

The carts in the western and southern plazas are being distributed at the King Abdul Aziz gate, while pilgrims coming from the northern plazas can take the carts at gate No. 64 and those using the eastern plazas can get these in front of Al-Salam door.

More than 300 Saudi youths have been hired to push the wheelchairs, said Director of the department of transport services Saleh Mohammed Ali Hawsawi.

He said they are coordinating with the general security responsible for the management of the crowd so as not to obstruct the movement of pilgrims.