Banks offering deals to help women buy their dream car


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

— As the date for women driving nears, banks have launched new bundles and installment deals to help women purchase their dream cars.

Mohamamd Saleh had an argument with his wife over the car she wants to buy. Saleh advised her to get a used car but his wife wanted a brand new car as most of her friends are buying new ones.

“We were going to buy a new car but then we saw an ad in the newspaper about an installment deal with one of the banks. We decided to take the bank’s deal instead of paying it in full in one installment,” said Saleh.

Car dealers have jumped on the opportunity and released an avalanche of discounts, benefits and services as part of the Ramadan bundle. Some dealers offer free maintenance for three years and discounts on purchases.

Ahmad Hassan, a salesman at a car dealership, said women have begun saving up for a car since the decision was out.

“Some women even took loans from the bank. Women who are employed usually opt for paying for the car in installments. We also see a lot of newlywed couples frequenting our exhibitions. The husband wants to buy a car as a gift for his wife,” said Hassan.

Saeed Al-Khanbashi, exhibition supervisor, said there is a great demand on cars now that women will be driving shortly after Ramadan.

“Women usually want to purchase light colored cars or the crimson red. Most of the women opt for a medium sized car. There are offers where the customer can pay 50 percent of the amount upfront and pay the rest after two years without any interest or monthly installments,” said Al-Khanbashi.