Suhoor and Iftar without electricity!!


Al-Madina newspaper

DURING the first week of the holy month of Ramadan, electricity was cut off twice from the street where I live. Oh, Allah Al-Sattar cover the faults. Oh, Allah Al-Latif have mercy on the rest of the holy month of fasting, and what follows of the events and nights of the happy Eid!

The first time electricity was interrupted during Suhoor, and the second time it was during Iftar. In both times, the free breeze surrounded us, and the house became overcrowded with darkness over darkness. I had my Suhoor and Iftar with my family eating the semi-cooked food that was on the electric stove. But I thank the electricity company because it made us light candles, and we ate Suhoor and Iftar under the dim and magical light. And this romance is what human beings need as much as the need for a combination of pure oxygen with pure hydrogen!

And all that I hope from the electricity company after I congratulate them with the holy month is to answer my innocent question:

The electricity was cut off before increasing the tariff and continues to be cut off after increasing the tariff, and perhaps the pace of interruption after the increase in prices is more or equal at best. This is what people say, meaning the additional billions did not benefit the company in avoiding frequent failures of its networks, so where is the defect? It is clear that it is not in the income of the financial company, which was being used as an excuse for its inability to provide a typical and competent service. The income has doubled as envied by major global companies. If this is true, and how come it is not true according to concrete reality? I wish we could go back to previous electricity tariff; perhaps it has more blessings. The consumer wants to see positive results and improvements because of higher tariff that he or she pays for earned work. We want to see electricity available 24 hours a day, and if it was interrupted it should be rare and for very valid reasons, and for a few minutes and not hours. This is a vision deserved, which has led to what it is, and the company did not do likewise!