Helping the homeless on Jeddah’s streets



I received a message containing scary images of a homeless man in Jeddah’s Al-Aziziah district who is sleeping on the sidewalk, fighting with passersby and residents and generally disturbing public peace in the area. The pictures I saw of this man and his behavior confirmed that he is suffering from a mental illness and is a threat to everyone around him.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that the man was actually reported to the authorities nearly three years ago by the residents of Al-Aziziah district. The complaint was made in 2015, with paperwork sent to Jeddah municipality under Case No. 36201809528. After the report was filed, the man disappeared for two years and then returned once again to the same district. Residents again reported his behavior to the municipality in 2018 and the report was filed with the responsible agency under Case No. 39201807411.

This is a very important problem that must be solved. I truly hope that Jeddah Municipality is going to end the suffering of this poor man in a safe and humanitarian way that also relieves the district’s residents of the fear of walking out of their homes. If anyone wishes to see the man, they can go to Al-Aziziah District 3 on Prince Muhammad Al-Turki St. No. 11. It is not fair for the district’s residents and business owners to live in fear of this mentally unstable man and the Ministry of Social Affairs should help him.

Once again, I truly believe in Jeddah Municipality and hope that they will deal with this issue in a humanitarian way that provides a safe place for the man to receive the treatment and care he needs while restoring the peace of mind of local residents.