Capturing the magic of sunset on iPhone

May 31, 2018

After seeing the sun set over and over again, it remains to be the sacred moment of the day that touches people worldwide. The sunset in Ramadan is even more special marking an important symbol when everything changes. It is the time when fasting becomes feasting, and companionship of loved ones takes centre stage.

To celebrate this month, local photographer, Hattan Ahmed, set out to capture the magic of the last light through the lens of his iPhone. On his journey, he shares his tips to shooting the stunning vibrant sky during sunset.

Ahmed, comments on his experience saying “I very much enjoy taking sunset photography which gives me the unique opportunity to capture the variety of colors from the light of the sun as it falls closer to the horizon. What’s even more interesting is that you can get different types of shots from one session and one location.”

His sunset photography tips include:

Tip 1: Location

To get the best results, I recommend moving away from the city as it is usually filled with noise and dust that affect the reflections and gradients of the shot. Instead, I suggest choosing areas like the desert, the beach, or on a mountain as you will often find artistic expression comes through more.

Tip 2: Apps

The App Store has a vast variety of apps that can enhance your photography experience. Apps that can help you locate where the sun is going to set, for example, will allow you to follow the sun’s path so you can snap even more remarkable photos.

Tip 3: Angle

Take your photo from a low angle parallel to the sunset horizon and point your phone slightly upward to avoid unwanted obstacles and colors.

Tip 4: Framing

When framing your shot, move the sun away from the center, to the very right or left of the frame. You will find that you can capture a vast spectrum of color on each side that way.

Tip 5: Lock focus & exposure

Does the photo look too dark or bright? Adjust the exposure to get the lighting just right. Once the focus and exposure look great and you want to lock it in that same spot, press and hold on the screen until you see AE/AF Lock.

Tip 6: Be patient

Don’t be quick to leave the moment the sun sets. The best colors actually appear at this time, so wait around a little while longer and you’ll see the deep orange hues that become visible.

Tip 7: Edit your photos

Once you’ve captured and selected your top sunset shots, you can slightly edit them to make the colors pop out more using the photos app on your iPhone.

May 31, 2018
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