Tabuk fire victims' mother had a foreboding dream

June 03, 2018
Ayadha Musaed Al-Enizi grieves at the grave of one of his daughters who died in Wednesday's house fire in Tabuk.
Ayadha Musaed Al-Enizi grieves at the grave of one of his daughters who died in Wednesday's house fire in Tabuk.

By Nader Al-Enizi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

— The mother of the six children who died in a house fire in Tabuk said she had a dream of a fire taking her son away from her the night prior to the incident.

Six children died when a house in Tabuk city caught fire on Wednesday while the victims' father and two siblings survived with injuries.

The mother of the victims said she had a dream that she lost her son Al-Baraa in a fire. She woke up in a frenzy. Al-Baraa, however, is among the survivors.

On that fateful day, she traveled to the Eastern Province to visit her mother leaving her children at home. She heard about the fire while she was away at her mother’s house.

The neighbors called her to ask about some noise they heard at her house. She told them she was out of the city. They retracted their claim and said nothing was going on. She tried to call home but no one was answering.

On Thursday morning, her husband Ayadha Musaed Al-Enizi called her to tell her that an electric error happened at the house and that her six children died in a fire. The mother said they were preparing to move to a new house.

Her daughters had already chosen their rooms and were planning their new life.

The victims included her six-year-old son and five daughters — Ahad, 18, Lujain, 15, Janah, 14, Tin, 10, and Jouline, 8. Raghad is recovering at King Salman Military Hospital In Tabuk after sustaining severe burns. Only three of her sons and two daughters survived the fire.

The father and mother of the children said they were receiving condolences and were submitting to God’s will. Tabuk Emir Prince Fahd Bin Sultan gave instructions to provide the family with a new house and to ensure that they receive all the medical care and support needed.

June 03, 2018
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