Gaia Wind operating under new ownership

June 10, 2018
Gaia Wind GW-133 wind energy generator rated at 11kW with lattice and pole tower structure
Gaia Wind GW-133 wind energy generator rated at 11kW with lattice and pole tower structure

LONDON — In a positive turnaround for the UK renewables sector, one of the UK's leading developers of small scale wind turbines, Gaia Wind, has been revived.

Gaia Wind (Green Energy Solutions) Limited has been incorporated in Scotland with registered and operating offices located in Edinburgh, having acquired the IPR and assets of Gaia Wind Limited which entered liquidation early in 2018.

The purchase was arranged by International Power and Water Investments (Holdings) Limited who also have a significant interest in the 4 Navitas (Green Energy Solutions) Limited, a leader in vertical axis wind turbines, which has recently commercialized the 55kW 4N-55 vertical axis wind generator unit.

Gaia Wind is a world leading manufacturer of high performance small wind turbines. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to operate in moderate wind speed areas, the iconic Gaia Wind 133 small wind turbines have a long track record of reliability, with nearly 2,000 units across over 500 sites worldwide. Customers have found that installing one or more Gaia-Wind energy generators an easier and more convenient way of generating ROI than medium wind turbines.

Alistair Munro has taken the position as Chairman and CEO of the Gaia Wind company having invested in the restructuring of the company. Alistair has 30 plus years of technical and commercial experience in large scale power, water and waste water contracting internationally, and a proven track record of business turnarounds.

Alistair Munro said: " Gaia Wind has an excellent reputation with their clients and the reliability of the units gives the basis for a strong long term business.

“Gaia Wind offer the best price, performance and reliability in the small scale wind turbine market, and even now we are seeing demand for the product across the UK and internationally.”

“In addition to the current demand we are seeing, we will also be looking to create synergies with our existing investment into 4 Navitas, support our existing client base in our current markets and expand the international reach of the Gaia Wind business especially into emerging markets where wind resources mean reliable power for small communities and industry," he added.

John Gallacher, the former Sales and Marketing Director will be rejoining the company to lead commercial activity for Gaia Wind (Green Energy Solutions) Limited, alongside other high performing former employees. — SG

June 10, 2018
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