No prison sentences for pregnant women


By Fatima Al-Dubais

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

DAMMAM — The Ministry of Justice announced that pregnant women and women with children under 12 years are not allowed to be imprisoned.

The ministry also announced that in case the suspect was a woman and she was alone in her house alone, the inspectors must have a woman in their team.

In case the woman in the house was not a suspect, she has the right to leave the house while the inspectors search it.

The ministry said the law gives women many rights to protect her safety and freedom of choice. Guardians do not have the right to prevent a woman from getting married to an eligible man. It is illegal to force a woman into marriage or trade a woman for another through marriage.

If a guardian prevents a woman from getting married for no legitimate reason, the guardianship is transferred to another male member of the family. The woman also has the right to sue her guardian if he prevents her from getting married.

The ministry also announced that marriage contracts can be formalized after regular work hours to facilitate the process. Both husband and wife are entitled to have an original copy of the marriage contract, it said.