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Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi theme park open to the public

July 24, 2018
Shahd Alhamdan

Saudi Gazette

— Have you ever dreamt to be part of the city of tomorrow and visit ‘Dynamite Glush’ land, which is an animated story land by few steps? Today Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi are giving families a chance to be part of a magical world.

Warner Bros. Is a branded indoor theme park that will be opening to the public today (July 25). The theme park that is located in Yas Island, is divided into six lands and is considered being one of the largest indoor theme park globally since it space more than 1.65 million square feet.

Once the guests enter the tickets area, they will watch the pictures of their favorite old cartoons characters such as, Scooby-Doo. At the moment the tickets are at the hands of the family members, the adventure and fun start. The families can enjoy spending their whole day in this theme park that features 29 state of the art exhilarating rides, the theme park has a unique live entertainments, and around 15 shops.

The main land is Warner Bros. Plaza and this spot is the only land in the theme park where the cartoon’s characters from the different lands can meet and visitors can see them at the same time.

While walking the visitors will enjoy the experience on the rest of the lands including, ‘Gothman City, which is the home of the billionaire Batman, ‘Cartoon Junction’ that is the home of the animated star Bugs Bunny, ‘Dynamite Gultch’ is an animated story land where visitors will see the Road Runner, ‘Bedrock,’ which is the land of the Flinstones, and ‘Metropolis’, which is the city of tomorrow.

Warner Bros. Is the third theme park in Yas Island and it will give its visitors the opportunity to relive their childhood memories through the dinning experience, rides and attractions, and lives performances.

Guests can challenge the Jocker character that was in Batman story by entering ‘The Joker’s Funhouse.’ It’s has a hall of mirrors and shrinking corridor.

By walking few steps you can be in one of the cartoons colorful lands where you can enter Tweety and Tom and Jerry houses and know more about them. Even the games and rides in this area is light and make you smile.

Stores are available in each land. Guests can buy for example, fashion accessories, hats, or toys depending on the land and the shop.

Dining in one of the lands would be another fun activity to experience with your family members. There are also varieties of kiosks ranging from sit down to grab and go food places.

The indoor theme park project developer is Miral Asset Management LLC. The licensing partner is Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

July 24, 2018
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