How to take the best photos on your summer trip


YOUR flights and hotels have been booked. You’ve packed your bags, and thoughtfully mapped out the perfect wardrobe for the destination. Your friends and family are sharing in the excitement, but what better way to bring them a piece of your adventures, than by capturing the beautiful moments, on your phone.

Lawyer by day, and travel photographer by passion, Huda Bin Redha said, "The world is a beautiful place that is waiting to be explored. There is something very humbling about visiting different countries and learning about their culture and values. As a traveler and a photographer, I believe it is my duty to capture the sights and wonders I stumble upon and share it with others to see. You never know, it just might encourage them to do some exploring of their own!”

She adds "I usually find it liberating to travel light which is why I tend to carry very little equipment with me. My iPhone is my favorite travel companion that is not only convenient, but enables me to take superior shots anywhere I go."

Traveler and world adventurer, Thuymi Do continued, “There are so many experiences and great opportunities that we can discover. When you venture out and uncover new landscapes, you expand your mind with knowledge and understanding of human interactions. With today's technology, it is amazing how we can capture a piece of this beauty with such a small device and become storytellers in our own right."

Here are some of the top photography tips to help you tell the story of your journey whilst you’re away shot on Huda and Thuymi’s iPhone camera lens.

1. Know where you’re going

To be able to capture great photos, you have to do your homework and research the location you’re visiting. You should definitely go to the famous landmarks like central park in New York or check out the Coliseum in Rome, but the best advice, is to do so very early in the day. You tend to get the soft warm light in the mornings which will effect the color temperature of your shot. And as a plus, waking up early means dealing with less tourists so you have the place all to yourself.

2. It’s all about the back up

Before you hit the road, prepare your iPhone for the trip. First of all, you need to setup your iCloud account to make sure you can back-up your iPhone in case you break it or it gets stolen. Activate your iCloud photo library to back-up all your photos and optimize your iPhone storage so you are able to take as many photos as you want.

3. The human touch

Yes, the Eiffel Tower is beautiful as a stand-alone landmark, but wouldn’t it be more stunning with you or your partner in it? Or when you look at beach shots, you will admire the set up, but if there was a couple in that photo, you’d wish you were there. Adding a human element automatically completes the photo, so get in it or get someone else in it.

4. Capture portraits that tell a story

Having just explained the importance of the human touch, an awesome way to document the spirit of your destination is to take portrait photos of the local culture. To get this artistic edge, use Portrait mode available on iPhone X, which puts your subject’s face in sharp focus against an artfully blurred background. Try shooting portraits of local people and their popular cultural items at markets. Take it a step further and edit your shot using Portrait Lighting to find the exact lighting effect that tells the right story.

5. Snap action shots with Burst Mode

The most difficult shots are the action ones, which usually come spontaneously when your kids are running around the park or about to jump in the pool. In these cases, try out Burst mode then access your photos and select your favorite shot.

6. Live Photo Effects

For a fun way to bring even more life to your Live Photos, try one of the new Live Photo effects: Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. Simply swipe up on a Live Photo in your camera roll to apply one of the effects on your photos. Try them out on photos of fireworks, waterfalls, active kids, or running dogs. These make fun shots to post social media or share with friends and family.

7. The timer trend is back

Forget the standard one-handed selfie; it’s a thing of the past. If you want to capture a self-portrait or even a group shot and want a better angle, the timer is the way to go. Set your iPhone on a ledge or tripod and use the built-in timer to get into position. You can guarantee you will capture funny bloopers along the way.

8. Don’t shy away from videos

If you see an eye-catching scene, like a beautiful sunset in Santorini or your road trip through Tuscany, don’t shy away from taking a time-lapse video. Slow motion footage can also add a more cinematic and emotional feel to your videos, so do experiment with it a little bit. It will grow on you.

— All Photos by Thuymi Do @AdventureFaktory and Huda Bin Redha