Personal status courts end 255,000 lawsuits filed this year

August 28, 2018
Badea Abu Naja

Saudi Gazette

— The Personal Status Courts across the Kingdom have sorted out around 255,000 lawsuits that were filed during this year, according to recent figures by the Saudi Ministry of justice.

Makkah region topped the list in the number of verdicts issued, which reached 64,967 cases, followed by Riyadh with 56,722 cases, then Eastern Province, with 30,282 cases.

The ministry implemented a number of initiatives to speed up procedures inside courts and elevate their performance. The “paperless” courts initiative inside Personal Status Courts was a major contributor to minimizing procedural time and speeding up the delivery of sentences.

The digital link between Personal Status Courts and Appeal Courts also helped in closing the cases for beneficiaries as appeals can be done electronically.

The number of court hearing sessions during this year reached 1.7 million inside Personal Status Courts, ranging from divorce, alimony, financial claims, custody and other cases.

1,171 lawyers enrolled at training center in 6 months

The Ministry of Justice revealed Tuesday that the number of trainees in the law training diploma at the Justice Training Center has reached 1,171 during the past six months.

In that 521 of them are female lawyers and 650 are males. The main focus was to help lawyers, who are applying for the law practice license, receive the necessary theoretical and practical training and exposure needed to qualify them for the license.

It also gives them the opportunity to join discussions and work groups locally and internationally and understand the latest practices in their field.

The Justice Training Center has launched a number of training opportunities for those who work in the legal sector, including notaries, judges, lawyers and other workers in this field, offering a number of courses, workshops and practical training sessions.

It focuses on specialized training programs in order to help legal practitioners receive advanced training in their field and keep track of the progress and development in this sector.

Since its launch last year; the center has conducted around 69 training programs for 2192 judge in addition to 4 workshops which was joined by 134 notaries and 150 lawyer.

The ministry has announced the launch of the law diploma last year when it first opened the center. It has mentioned that the three-year diploma, once completed successfully by candidates, will end with a law practice license for each candidate.

August 28, 2018
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