Nazaha's shocking study


Al-Jazirah newspaper

THE institutional communication is still suffering from weakness both in the government and the private sector though some gradual improvement has been noticed in the latter. The government institutional communication, however, regretfully still remains to be weak and feeble.

This is not a personal opinion but the result of numerous studies conducted by specialized parties which are concerned with the development of the performance of the employees regardless of the sector they belong to.

The latest of these studies was conducted by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) which revealed that about 69 percent of the government employees did not have a look at the code of conduct or the ethics of the public positions.

This is a high ratio and a serious indication revealing the weakness of the internal communications among the government offices.

The ratio clearly shows that there is no real and effective department that could undertake the institutional communication professionally.

The study also indicated that about 63 percent of the surveyed employees were unanimous that their departments did not publish the code of conduct on their websites.

This also indicates that there is no effective department for the institutional communication which cares for the digital world or the platforms of the social media tools.

The institutional communication is still done in the traditional style which has become obsolete and outdated.

The government sector is still preserving departments for information and public relations which have not so far been made into facilities for the institutional communication.

The government sector needs new administrators and young managers who can keep pace with our contemporary age and its fast tempo and changes.

This great study is a further proof of Nazaha's neutrality and professionalism in discharging its national duties competently.

The study covered eight government departments in which thousands of employees were surveyed.

This is one of the most important studies conducted lately. The staff of the departments of the institutional communication should make use of this study. These departments were recently established to correct the obvious weakness in the communications among government offices.

Nazaha has rung the bell so that the government departments should move fast to correct the loopholes in the area of government communications.

The study has uncovered the main reason why government departments still look bleak and weak. This distorted picture has continued for long years.

The study is unique and extremely valuable. It should not pass unnoticed because it has diagnosed the disease and is offering the treatment.

The government sector should take this study very seriously especially that we are approaching the Kingdom's 2013 Vision which will unveil any shortcoming or any weakness in any of the government departments. Nobody will then have the power to over up his mistakes.