4-year jail, SR200,000 fine causing traffic death

September 08, 2018

Abdul Rahman Al-Misbahi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

— Motorists who cause serious traffic accidents resulting in death or total impairment will be jailed for a maximum of four years and fined SR200,000 or less or one of the two penalties, according to traffic regulations amendments.

Motorists who cause injuries in traffic accidents resulting in hospitalization for a maximum 15 days will be imprisoned for at least two years or fined a maximum of SR100,000 or both penalties. Motorists who do not have vehicle insurance will be fined SR100-SR150.

An impounded vehicle will be put on auction if the owner does not show up within 90 days of the seizure of vehicle.

Owners of driving schools will be fined SR200,000 for violations which include not possessing a license.

The amended regulations have specified eight types of violations. A fine of SR100 to SR150 will be imposed for leaving the vehicle with engine running, not possessing insurance, crossing roads in areas not specified for pedestrians, motorists not giving pedestrians the priority at pedestrian crossings.

A fine ranging between SR150 and SR300 will be imposed for not using indicators while changing lanes, reversing on main roads for more than 20 meters, not holding driving license, excessive use of car horns, not taking vehicle for MVPI, not wearing seatbelt, not leaving sufficient distance between two vehicles, crowding at traffic accident scenes.

A fine of SR300 to SR500 will be imposed for throwing litter from the cars, not focusing on driving, holding an expired license, not using child seat.

A fine of SR500 to SR900 will be imposed for vehicles following emergency vehicles using siren, not stopping at traffic signals, drivers of emergency vehicles using sirens unnecessarily, writing slogans or putting stickers or drawings on the cars, tinting of vehicle glass.

A fine of SR1,000 to SR2,000 will be imposed for driving a vehicle not having a number plate or with damaged number plate, carrying passengers more than the number specified in the vehicle registration, not using the front light when driving at night, gathering at joy riding areas.

A fine of SR3,000 to SR6,000 will be imposed for jumping the traffic signal, for overtaking while pupils are disembarking or boarding school buses, driving in the opposite direction.

A fine between SR5,000 and SR10,000 will be imposed for driving a vehicle using other car’s number plate, erasing and concealing the car number plate.

September 08, 2018
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