Expats occupy about 70% of jobs in wholesale shops

September 09, 2018

Saudi Gazette report

The expatriates are in control of about 70.5% of jobs in wholesale shops, business daily Al-Eqtisadiah reported on Sunday quoting a report by the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat).

According to the report, there were a total of 241,076 employees working in the wholesale business involving 36,379 establishments by the first quarter of 2018.

The report said there were 170,027 expatriates involved in the wholesale business against 71,050 Saudis constituting about 29.5 percent of the total number of workers.

GaStat said male workers were 238,251 constituting about 99 percent against 2,825 women of whom about 72 percent were Saudis and 787 were expatriate women.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development will on Tuesday start nationalizing four of 12 jobs in the retail sector.

The ministry said the Saudization of jobs will cover car and motorbike showrooms, ready-made and children garments, home and office furniture shops and shops selling kitchenware.

The ministry said the decision was taken with a view to providing more jobs to Saudi men and women.

According to the ministry, the nationalization of jobs in shops selling watches, eyeglasses and electric and electronic appliances will start on Nov. 10.

It also said the Saudization of jobs in shops selling medical equipment, building material, car spare parts, carpets and confectionaries will begin on Jan. 8, 2019.

September 09, 2018
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