Marcafe records back-to-back win in RFBL tourney

Marcafe team after its back-to-back win

RIYADH — Marcafe of coach Noriel Camus beat Team NSD 104-81 for back-to-back wins in the RFBL tournament at Othman basketball court here.

Marcafe exhibited good teamwork in the whole game. It passed the ball well to the open man for a high percentage offense. The loser committed crucial turnovers in the final quarter. Justin Payongyong, who scored 25 points and made 3 assists, was adjudged the best player of the game. Filmin had 22 points and 5 rebounds for the loser.

This tournament is sponsored by J&L Apparel of Louie Gallardo, Zultec-El Caviteno Basketball Team of Benjie Yanga, United International Trading Supplies and assisted by Jeddah Basketball League.

Metro Ballers of coach Michael Villasis defeated Little Ceasar 69-62. The winner focussed on the shaded area in the final quarter. The loser missed its important jumpers in the dying seconds of the game. Cristopher Nabiula collected 18 points and 13 rebounds and was selected as the best player of the game. Sansan Pascual led the loser with 8 points and 10 rebounds.

In the last game, SACC Riyadh of coach Lloyd Imbang beat Tambay Pogi 69-58. The winner’s running game looked fluent and was unstoppable throughout. The loser tried hard to regroup its defense. Alvin Nacua top scored with 18 points and 10 rebounds. He was was picked as the best player of the game, while E Abtos chipped in with 21 points and 4 rebounds for the loser. — SG