Stupid clips


Okaz newspaper

SOME video clips that are circulating in social media are causing a lot of headache, to a level that forced the Public Prosecution to interfere and arrest those involved. One way that I can describe these clips as stupid and those who did it are stupid too. Reality has proved that private clips can be leaked. Reality has also proved that authority is serious in holding such people with clips accountable. The question is, what drives a person to implicate himself in such clips with a silly content that will definitely land him in trouble, without a job and maybe facing jail time.

I did not find anything interesting in the clip that was circulating widely in social media about the employee who was having breakfast with his female co-worker at work site. It was a silly clip that ended up with a scandal and the man losing his job. If we reviewed all the clips that went viral in social media and forced authority to intervene and punish, we will find that the common factor is silly and stupid. I am sure that those who were involved in it are regretting such actions because it landed them in trouble they did not anticipate.

Mark my words when I say that private clips can be leaked; that is why we see a huge number of scandalous clips on Internet, that landed people in social embarrassment and sometimes in legal trouble.

Someone may excuse those who were making these clips when they were drunk or under the influence of drugs, although that is not an excuse, but to make those clips when a person is lacking intelligence in what he is doing, then there is no excuse.