Crown Prince’s ‘impressive reforms’ lauded

September 23, 2018
Muhammad Bin Salman
Muhammad Bin Salman

Reforms undertaken and spearheaded by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, have not only won plaudits worldwide but are being highlighted by the US media.

Writing in Fox News Joel C. Rosenberg said: “A reformer is rising, pursuing the most dramatic economic, social and foreign policy changes in the history of the Kingdom.”

The opinion writer lists the reforms undertaken by the Crown Prince also known as MBS:

n On June 24, 2018, it became legal for women to drive in the Kingdom.

More than 120,000 Saudi women have already applied for licenses, and officials expect there to be 3 million women drivers by 2020.

Saudi women may now attend soccer matches and sporting events.

Gyms and fitness centers for women are opening throughout the Kingdom.

Women’s sports teams are forming in the Kingdom.

Saudi women may now join the military and intelligence services.

Movies theaters are legally opening for the first time in 35 years.

Concerts by international artists are now permitted.

Tourist visas are now available for international travelers to visit the Kingdom without having to pay an exorbitant fee.

MBS has launched a strategy called “Vision 2030” to wean the Kingdom off of oil revenues — what he calls their “dangerous addiction to oil” — and diversify the economy.

Financial reforms are being made to attract international investors.

MBS has launched an anti-corruption campaign and already recovered $100 billion from officials.

MBS has committed some $500 billion to build a futuristic new city along the Red Sea called “NEOM” that will link Saudi Arabia with Egypt and Jordan and create high-tech businesses and thousands of new jobs.

The Crown Prince is increasingly outspoken that the most serious threat to peace in the Mideast is Iran, and he’s urging world leaders to join forces to neutralize the Iran threat.

Last year, the Kingdom opened a new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology, aimed at “refuting extremist rhetoric.... combating its activities and curbing its impact....[and] promoting moderation, tolerance and coexistence.

“Clearly something historic is under way in Saudi Arabia. MBS and his team should be lauded for the progress they have made, and encouraged to keep going,” Rosenberg wrote.

September 23, 2018
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