Burning a woman’s car



Over the last months, several cars owned by women have been burned by men who wanted to express their opposition to the decision permitting women to drive. The perpetrators have set women’s cars on fire thinking that doing such a thing makes them more masculine or displays their strength and power. It is a daring act but at the end of the day it expresses nothing but weakness. Those men see the right of women to drive as a form of competition, so they want to leave a message saying that they are stronger.

One of the perpetrators, a young man, threatened openly to burn women’s cars and even posted a video of himself voicing these threats. He was apprehended and punished by the authorities. However, other perpetrators did not reveal their identity and used underhanded methods to commit their crimes.

Their behavior and all forms of violence and harm against women stem from the fact that those men believe they own and control women. That is why some men act irresponsibly when they have an argument or have a problem with a woman.

The government has drafted and enacted numerous laws and regulations to protect a woman’s right to drive. Only a foolish and ignorant person would defy and violate these laws. We have to look deeper into the problem to explain why such men engage in these practices. Some parents raise their children to believe that women do not have the right to compete with men socially or in any other field. These are misconceptions and erroneous ideas.

I believe some members of our society need social and behavioral rehabilitation regarding women’s rights. We should raise the awareness of our sons and daughters about these rights at home, in schools and in the workplace.