Restoration of people’s rights



AS part of its fight against corruption and abuse of power and in its efforts to restore the legitimate rights of citizens, Jeddah Municipality has removed several encroachments from the Camel Roundabout at the Obhur seafront.

Land grabbers had fenced off parts of the square in violation of all existing regulations.

The action taken by the local administration was essential to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the area.

There have been several examples of land grabbers snatching the seafront in North Corniche. One can still see the iron barriers on the sidewalks along the seaside. Eventually, people who fenced off the plots took it to the next level by building walls around them.

The roaring sound of the municipality’s bulldozers should never stop until Jeddah and other cities take back the rights of their people. This matter is not simply about demolishing the walls and fences, but it is also about restoring the right of the people to enjoy the seascape.

The country must regain its right by holding the perpetrators accountable.

These people have benefited from their violations for a good period of time. In addition, they must pay for their brazen disregard for the country’s law.

Thank you Municipality, for demolishing these offensive walls, although the removal of the iron barrier is as important as the removal of the walls.