Polish Railway's CEO visits Riyadh

October 10, 2018

Waqar Naseem Wamiq

RIYADH — Polish Railway's CEO Arkadiusz Dobrzyński, who also owns Fabryka Wagonow Dobar Lapy Sp. Z O.O company that offers innovative railway carriages of special kind, visited the Kingdom recently. The visit was arranged by the Embassy of Poland here.

During his visit to Riyadh, Dobrzyński visited relevant governmental offices specially arranged by the Polish Ambassador Jan Stainslaw Bury to introduce the new innovative carriages for Saudi railways. “The discussions are now in its initial stage,” Dobrzyński said.

Dobrzyński praised the business arrangements of Saudi government under the Vision 2030, and was happy to be in Riyadh on the occasion of 88th Saudi National Day. He also said that he enjoyed the desert trip where he savored the Bedouin lifestyle, camel ride, Saudi gahwa and dates.

Based on many years of experience and competences acquired during the production and supply of rolling stock, Dobrzyński has launched a new product in the form of its own 16RS trolley, especially for freight wagons.

Polish Railways has maintained its successful track record compared to many other areas of Polish business, trade, technologies and infrastructure.

To promote Dobrzyński's innovative idea and technological-based business in Saudi Arabia, an MOU has been signed between Nawazinda Group with its CEO/MEA Engr. Mohammad Shakil and Fabryka Wagonow Dobar Lapy owned by Dobrzyński at the InterContinental Hotel here.

Chairman of Al Moajel Group Mohammed Ibrahim Moajel attended along with business owners, CEOs and high ranking officials of some very prominent companies including T. Srinivasan (L&T head of Riyadh Metro), Abdul Nazar (director, NESTO), Saeeduddin (director, Mbac), Faisal Ahmed (business director, Vision Consultancy), Mohammad Sadiq Malik (director, Gulf Wing), Dr. Mohiuddin and many others.

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ali, VP of Nawazinda Group, welcomed the distinguished guests. Eng. Shakil briefed the audience about the several business activities and progress of Nawazinda Group under its visionary Chairman Dr. Saad Al Rabiah.

Dobrzyński also briefed the audience about Polish Railways. "The Polish railways network consists of around 18,510 kilometers (11,500 miles) of track of which the vast majority is electrified at 3 kV DC overhead. Poland is a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC). Since Poland's entry into the EU, the European Investment Bank had provided loans for rail modernization projects in Poland," he said.

He elaborated about his company and innovative carriages. He said, "The carriage 16RS for freight wagons is an innovative and interoperable project with reduced environmental impact. It represents a new generation of carriages with improved performance, allowing to achieve high operational savings. It is fully changeable with standard used boogies. These are lighter over 750 kg comparing to the carriage Y25. Mass reduction gives the possibility of loading a wagon with additional one and a half tons. The carriage frame has been tested at the Institute of Railway fatigue testing and passed with a positive result. It managed to achieve noise reduction to about 8 dB below the limit. And it is changeable with the Y25."

Dobrzyński was awarded a memento plaque by the Nawazinda Group. Earlier he was given a warm welcome upon his arrival at the venue with the presentation of a bouquet.

October 10, 2018
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