Why do they want to destroy Saudi Arabia?


Okaz newspaper

I understand the never-ending hatred of the haters of Saudi Arabia. To them, Saudi Arabia is the country in which they see all the dreams that they have wished for but have never achieved it in their own countries. Saudi Arabia represents the ideal development model, which frustrates the haters and increases the pressure of their failure projects and ideologies.

However, what I do not understand is why the so-called “Muslim Brotherhood” is trying to destroy the only country that represents Islam, applies Islamic Shariah laws, is the caretaker of the two Holy Mosques and is the country that mobilizes all of its capabilities to serve the guests of the two Holy Mosques.

I also do not understand why the only project of the Qatari regime, since the coup in 1995, is to destroy the country that preserves peace in the GCC and ensures the stability of its rulers.

These two questions are enough to undermine the credibility of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic slogans and the Qatari regime’s affiliation to the GCC. It is worth noting that both of them once relied on Saudi Arabia to ensure their survival. At one time, Saudi Arabia was the only safe haven for the Muslim Brotherhood when Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser started to eradicate them. The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 proved that Saudi Arabia is strong enough to protect the GCC and provide security for its people.

Would the elimination of Saudi Arabia from the regional equation serve the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatari regime? Is Turkey, with its nationalist speech and tough dealings with the Kurdish issue and its relations with Europe and Israel, better for the Muslim Brotherhood than Saudi Arabia that has always supported Arab and Islamic causes without asking for anything in return? Is the racist country of Iran with its ideology and sectarianism better for Qatar than Saudi Arabia, even after 20 years of testing our patience with Qatari harm and conspiracy against us?