JGC Gulf International celebrates 10th anniversary

November 06, 2018


GC Gulf International celebrated its 10th anniversary held at the Holiday Inn hotel in Al-Khobar recently attended by Sachio Kaneko, CEO of JGC Gulf international Co. Ltd; Esam Mohammed Al-Kadi, Senior Corporate Advisor; and Thamer Ayed Al-Marzoqi, Administration and HR Manager as well as a number of Company’s employees.

“We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company, during which we have grown as the first IK EPC contractor in this field. Therefore, this is the first phase of the development of JGC Gulf International in Saudi Arabia,” said Sachio Kaneko, adding: “At the moment we are in the second phase of development, which means expanding the structure of the company by shifting from a Japanese company to a Saudi contractor which reaches the local market and the Gulf by applying international standards.”

The CEO said “we are attracting experienced and qualified Saudis to fill vacancies in our company including leading positions in order to help run our business. However, this transformation will be achieved soon, and to achieve that we will seek to develop and change for the better by expanding our knowledge and performance and work in a team spirit.”

Esam Al-Kadi pointed out that during the last 10 years, the global market of oil and gas was variable and as a result, many of our clients have reduced their spending and expansion plans for their facilities due to fluctuating oil and gas prices..

“It was a challenge to us to continue our business and maintain our presence in this difficult environment. However, the company has completed 27 projects and 15 studies in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain,” said Al-Kadi

On training and development, Thamer said “we seek to develop the competencies of our technical staff through professional training and courses outside the company, including working in the office of the main company in Japan.” He added that the company is keen to build working relationships and partnership with universities, institutes and competent authorities for human resource sources. the Saudi labor market and its outputs are rich of qualifications which meet the requirements of work and projects.” — SG

November 06, 2018
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