Local foodies to follow on Instagram

November 07, 2018

Shahd Alhamdan

Saudi Gazette

“Eating with your eyes,” is an expression that could prove to be apt for many people, who believe food should beat feasted by the eyes too. Recently several researchers have agreed that sight is one of the factors that affect humans’ food selections.

Social media, particularly, Instagram has made this sense stronger because it’s a platform that offers visually delicious dishes and inspiring food pictures that could tempt foodies to savor the variety on offer.

For food lovers, these are few food accounts in the Kingdom that can be followed and gain knowledge about new and traditional recipes and learn more about new food facts and places.


By following this account, the audience can learn new Saudi recipes and dishes. Eman Gazzaz is a Saudi female that is presenting videos and photos of local recipes as a tool to educate people about the Kingdom. She states in her account that she is presenting the Saudi culture to the social media through food. Gazzaz occasionally adds some new ingredients in some of the dishes.


Ibrahim Saleh is another Saudi food blogger and a chef that is reviewing some restaurants and he is posting photos of his dishes. He is always passionate about food and presents it with flair.


Hisham is a Saudi food blogger and a media influencer that post videos about special dishes and recipes. He sometimes post critiques about the process of preparing certain dishes and he provides information about the accurate way to cook these dishes.


Colorful food pictures will be available in this account. The account admin shares pictures of food and restaurants from all over the world and she is very passionate about food.

November 07, 2018
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