GCC unity at risk

November 18, 2018
GCC unity at risk
Abdu Khal

Okaz newspaper

IN the past 40 years, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) remained united and holding together to confront political turmoil. The GCC was established to counter post-revolution Iran, which was trying to export its ideology to the neighboring countries.

The countries of the region were on full alert against the Iranian revolutionaries who wanted to swallow them or tamper with their security by launching military attacks.

After the Iraq-Iran war ended, Tehran tried to expand its influence through infiltration in the Gulf countries. By interfering in the «Arab Spring», Iran managed to control four Arab capitals. With eyes on the GCC countries, it threatened them with occupation unless they aligned their policies with its own.

In the past, the GCC was united in facing any political challenge. There was zero disagreement among its members. It remained like a strong fortress against all outside interferences. The GCC succeeded in remaining one stable and united force at the time of downfall of many federations in the Arab world and Europe.

The situation started changing with the adventure of some countries by interfering in the internal affairs of others with the aim of bringing down their governments and hitting their sovereignty. One example is Qatar, which supported not only the Muslim Brotherhood but also attempts to bring down the governments in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain. It reached a level where they hatched a plot to assassinate the late King Abdullah.

Before the ill intentions of Qatar, the GCC was united as a strong entity politically, economically and administratively. It had a unified market and plans for connecting member countries with a railway network. These common interests no longer exist.

What are the chances now for the GCC to survive as it used to be? Will Qatar getting closer to Iran shatter the GCC unity?

The future of GCC is at stake and a lot depends on the fast political developments in the region. If Qatar acted independently away from the GCC, then the Gulf unity, which remained intact for 40 long years, is at risk.

November 18, 2018
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