With women driving, our roads will be safer



Many video clips appear on social media websites of terrible car accidents with comments warning other drivers about women driving. This is an attempt to engrave in the minds of people that women driving increases the number of accidents, as if car accident statistics did not exist before women started driving. It is clear that such video clips are being posted by those who are against women driving.

Some time ago, a report published in a Saudi newspaper stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the highest rate of car accidents, with an increasing rate in human and financial losses that is not happening anywhere else in the world. This is the result of speeding on the roads and committing traffic violations. No one came forward at that time warning people about male drivers or the horror on the roads because of such reckless driving, as is being depicted now that women have started driving.

A person who adheres to the rules and regulations on the road, whether a man or a woman, cannot be a danger to other drivers on the road. The rules and regulations of the road should be followed and respected by all. The conditions on our roads are not perfect, as there are a number of drivers who do not respect traffic regulations. It is, however, expected that the conditions on the road will be more organized now that there are women driving, because that will create a special kind of sense of responsibility.