Trump's remarks on Saudi Arabia

November 25, 2018
Trump's remarks on Saudi Arabia
Abdu Khal

Okaz newspaper

SINCE the Turkish government began leaking information about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has been the target of malicious media attacks from abroad. But why specifically Prince Muhammad?

This is because the crown prince had taken a huge leap forward crossing at least 10 years and placing Saudi Arabia in the clubs of big countries such as the Group of 20. He is also behind the major social reforms in the country, which ended the sufferings of the people that they endured in the past. If it were not for his astute decision for change, the country would still have been living in the past and would have remained behind at many levels and areas.

The crown prince's ambition for the country to advance to the future and his tactics in carrying out ambitious plans did not find favor with hostile powers waiting for an opportunity to instigate domestic turmoil in Saudi Arabia. Like I said before, attempts to instigate upheaval in Saudi society were not only fruitful but they also failed miserably.

This is why the enemies used the murder of Khashoggi to target the crown prince. These malicious attacks against one of the highest authorities in the Kingdom are part of the attempts to instigate domestic trouble in the country. If this happened, God forbid, then the enemies would have had what they wanted.

The Turkish leaks of incomplete information was in part to blackmail Saudi Arabia and to feed the international news media with the notion that Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman was the one behind Khashoggi's murder. They did it knowing very that it will be impossible to stop the satellite channels that are targeting our country directly.

If the media were wise enough, they would have asked why would the crown prince of a powerful country such as Saudi Arabia hunt down and kill a citizen of his country?

We should have concentrated on asking this question in defense of Saudi Arabia against these calculated Turkish leaks.

Saudi Arabia was exposed to blackmail from many fronts. Every time Turkey announced that it was revealing recordings to prove that the crown prince was behind the Khashoggi plot, officials from world capitals who listened to these recordings denied any possible evidence linking the prince to the murder.

Everyone eagerly awaited what President Donald Trump was going to say.

The president came out openly saying, “I'm not going to destroy the world economy by being foolish with Saudi Arabia.”

Trump and the US Congress know that Turkey put them in a difficult spot by jumping into conclusions over the investigations into the Kashoggi murder, but what is marketed to the international media does not have matching evidence. That is why the enemy media was encouraged to interpret Trump’s statement in many different ways and come up with various possibilities, which are unreliable. The language of the enemies is hostile and full of lies.

November 25, 2018
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