Apps for pet lovers

November 28, 2018

Shahd Alhamdan

Saudi Gazette

ALTHOUGH many people believe that technology has destroyed human relationships in many domains, pets’ lovers, however, believe that several innovations emerging in the growth of evolving technology has enhanced their communications with their pets and made their relationship stronger.

Plenty of pets’ owners nowadays, have been downloading feeding, healthcare, and security applications in their phones to take care of their cats and puppies. Saudi Gazette is providing its readers with 5 pets applications that has and will make the owners’ lives easier.

Daily Planners

By using this application, you will get the chance to get your puppy or cat to follow a certain daily routine when it comes to their walking, playing or feeding habits. The app provides its users with a calendar where they can set lists of tasks and alarms to remind them of getting the tasks done.


Even pets can be part of the selfie world now by utilizing the BarkCam. This application will give you the chance to take nice selfies with your puppy and give the user the chance to edit photos nicely. After taking the photos and editing them, the application provides you with shop information where you can purchase prints, smartphone cases, and other accessories that have your pet picture on it.

Pet Notebook

This is not a free app and has several features that will help in making your relationship with your pet stronger. It has a pictures’ gallery and data entry where you can enter vital information about your dog or any other pet or can, such as, add identification information like birth dates and medications. By using this app you will always keep track of important information and it’ll help to never forget key data to take care of your pet.

Pet Phone

Here the person can track his pet heath easily, particularly, dogs. One of the app’s features is keeping track of vet appointments and medications that could be synced to the phone calendar. Another feature is saving data on the pet’s food preferences.

Relax My Cat

Since cats enjoy music, by using this app that has a built in melody of several tunes that were composed for cats, dealing with cats would be easy. For instance, one of the tracks in the application help in making them sleep while another music in the app could be used to encourage them to play.

November 28, 2018
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