The importance of happiness in the workplace


Okaz newspaper

In some private sector businesses, employees are asked to give up their dignity and self-respect in order to deal with the anger and bad temper of the company’s clients. This has a negative impact on the psychological state of employees and on the level of their productivity. Many employees in such a situation soon learn to hate work and would prefer to stay home, except for the fact that they need the job. Such employees do not find any enjoyment in their work.

However, many businesses do not care about the psychological aspects of their employees, despite its importance in the success of the business. If the level of productivity of an employee drops because of psychological pressure, then the company will replace that employee with another one, who in future will most likely suffer from the same psychological pressure and end up also being replaced.

Do business managers realize that the happiness of their employees is linked to their level of productivity? A drop in productivity is often linked to psychological pressure, regardless of the effort put in at work. Those managing businesses should take into consideration how to please their employees as well as their clients in a way that does not abuse the dignity and self-respect of anyone.

I do not think that creating happiness in the workplace is something that is difficult to do. It is important to create departments in government offices and private sector businesses that establish strategic plans to measure progress each year. These plans should include methods for increasing the energy of employees and improving their work environment and making them happy. In this way everyone wins - the employees, the clients and the employers.