Mobiles with special features on the rise

December 05, 2018

Shahd Alhamdan

Saudi Gazette

SMARTPHONE companies are shifting their focus and effort to produce mobiles with special features, especially ones that are fitted with more than two cameras such as Huawei Mate 20 Pro. That trend triggered rumors that the rival companies were to come up with new units that would have more that two cameras.

Rumors spread that Samsung's Galaxy S10 would have six cameras fitted in, but it was LG Electronic that stole a march over the rest by announcing in the end of November that the company is planning to work on a Smartphone with 16 Rear Camera Sensors that can produce moving images, according to “LetsGoDigital”.

After LG’s declaration, Saudi Gazette asked several people about whether or not they would buy LG smartphone with 16 lenses camera setup? Several tech lovers were surprised with the number of lenses and the need for it. They also questioned the camera quality if the numbers attached are so many.

Abeer Khaled, a female in her 30s, explained that she would be excited to use a mobile with such an option but she also tempered her excitement by stating that she would be afraid of the quality of the lenses. She expected they would be of less resolution compared to the ones fitted in the mobile cameras that are in the market.

“I may buy it if there are also other strong features in the mobile and not only because of the lenses’ number,” she added.

Salem Ahmed, a Saudi male in his 20s, said, “Technology and innovation nowadays are a bliss. With these lenses the user is allowed to take multi-perspective photos or combine them and shoot a 3D video — all simultaneously or concurrently — and for me this is fun. I would for sure buy the phone once it is released in the market.”

Sarah Abdullah, a Saudi teenager, mentioned that she is into photography and taking pictures through smartphones has become the norm. She assumes that this innovation would improve the quality of her pictures and will make photography more entertaining in her opinion.

“This is a bit risky in my opinion but I think consumers would benefit from it. I would buy it if I found the reviews of consumers were positive but I would not be one of the pioneer buyers,” Tala Ali, a female in her early 20s, answered.


December 05, 2018
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