5 phone habits that will save your battery

December 05, 2018

Shahd Alhamdan

Saudi Gazette

MOST of us panic when we see the red color flashing in the mobile and realize that our phone has less than 10 percent battery life, especially if we have forgotten our chargers at home and we are using the phone to record a meeting or do a video conference call.

Rather than suffering from a panic attack, while watching your smartphone dying slowly with the charge draining out of the battery, apply the following hacks that will make the battery live longer.

1. Phone Applications

Some of the application consumes a lot of the battery energy; therefore, it is advisable to close the apps that are using up the phone battery. All what the user need to do is to open the mobile settings then tap Cellular, scroll down, and choose the applications that the person wants to limit using the data in them.

2. Airplane Mode Icon

If the phone user was in a place that has weak service or the phone cannot reach a signal, it is preferable to turn the into the airplane mode. The reason for the switch is elementary, for if you are not in the airplane mod, the phone will keep on searching for a signal and that will take up lots of charge and in turn drain the battery.

3. The Mobile colors and lights

To save battery life you can lower the phone background lights and turn on the grayscale, where the colors will be removed from the mobile and you can use the phone for a longer period of time.

4. Downloading Special Applications

There are several apps that could be used to protect the phone battery and will enhance its life. For instance, one of the applications that could protect the iPhone batteries is ‘Battery Doctor’ app.

5. Disable the Vibration Icon

Vibrations affect battery life and make it die fast. If you do not want to turn of the vibration mode, you can at least the shorter vibrations or make sure your phone only vibrates if certain people call or text.

December 05, 2018
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